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La Marzocco Coffee machine Strada X

La Marzocco Coffee machine Strada X

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The Strada X represents the best of La Marzocco’s pioneering espresso engineering in its easiest-to-use machine, ever. With predictive mass-based profiling tied to drip tray scales, straight-in portafilters, and independent group pumps.

Strada X combines industry-leading espresso technology with an all-new software system and Smart Saturation to ensure every shot pulled is as imagined.

Smart saturation
Smart Saturation on the Strada X guarantees consistent espresso saturation by automating pre-infusion based on flow meter data, revolutionizing consistency and workflow in coffee brewing.

Mass based profiling
La Marzocco's Mass Based Profiling uses data from integrated scales to ensure absolute consistency in pressure profiling, while providing familiar and intuitive controls for the barista.

Paddle-based profile control
Strada X's redesigned paddle auto-tunes your pressure input, ensuring optimal espresso extraction and giving baristas real-time feedback during manual shot pulls.

Straight-in portafilters
Straight-in portafilters increase speed while reducing the strain on baristas and being gentler on espresso pucks. Combined with an auto steam flush for streamlined workflow and cleaner groupheads, straight-in portafilters are a complete reimagining of the most repeated task in espresso preparation.

Saturated Brewing group
Dual boiler system - 3.5 LT (steam) + 1.30 LT (coffee)
PID Temperature control
Indipendent boilers
Hot Water Economizer


H x W x D - 500 x 530 x 690 mm
Weight: 66.0 kg

Watt 2037-2220
Voltage 220-240V


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