Refund & Cancellation Policy

You have 12 hours from the time that you place the order to cancel it. If you wish to cancel the order after 12 hours have passed, please email us urgently with a formal request of cancellation and the reason of cancellation.

After your cancellation instructions (if within 12 hours) for items paid by credit or debit card, the payment will be void and you card will not be charged. For cancellations after 12 hours, refund will be issue and repaid within 30 days.

Should any product(s) arrive damaged, malfunctioning, defective or missing it must be reported no later than 5 days after the delivery date shown on the shipment's tracking number. 

Note: we will refuse every parcel returned without our authorization.
For parcels sent for repair from a country outside of the European Union, the customer must indicate on the customs declaration that the goods have been sent for repair so they do not have to write the real value price of the goods.